We are a non-profit urban agency.

We believe in getting more out of buildings, giving them new purpose and making them work for local communities.

We’ve been around since 2010 - working with corporates, government and developers to unlock and maximise their otherwise under-utilised or surplus commercial property. Creating immediate-term affordable creative workspaces for local innovation.

We believe diversity and inclusiveness are what makes cities great. That affordable space provides opportunities for local-led innovation and growth, whilst integrating great businesses and non-profits into the regeneration process.

Our BUYGIVEWORK initiative is the first to apply the Buy One = Give One approach to property. Businesses buy space, 3Space give space away to local non-profits and to test new ideas, and the result is a better workspace - one that is representative of the area whilst fostering new sectors and technologies.

To get in touch send us an email info@3space.org or call us on 0207 060 3168.

We're based in Bermondsey London, but work across the UK. 

Registered Charity Number: 1136377