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Publications and Research

'Business Rates, Economic and Social Value: A Resource For Local Authorities'

A new report published by Social Enterprise UK, 3Space and Meanwhile Space proposes how business rates can be used as a tool to nurture new, diverse and community focused enterprise on high streets. Click title for link to free download.


Coming soon!

Branding FAQ

Am I allowed to have my own branding on the outside of the property?

This depends on the nature of the space and the project that you're running - please submit a proposal to our team.

Can I paint or decorate security shutters?

No. Due to the temporary nature of our properties neither external or internal security shutters can be altered or painted.

Can I repaint the space?

This varies from property to property – contact your 3Space property manager for more information. Remember, there are plenty of ways you can temporarily decorate a space without painting the walls!

Can I remove carpets or flooring from the space?

No. Flooring must be left in place due to the temporary nature of our spaces, but if you want to clean the carpets or flooring, please do!

Can I use any of the existing shop fixtures and fittings that might be left in the space?

Of course! In fact, we actively encourage it. Using or upcycling old shelving and display units can be a great way to make a space more interesting without needing to spend too much money on new furniture.

As always, if in doubt, please just ask. We can offer advice on how to make your temporary project look amazing, and we'd love to hear your ideas too!

Useful Links

We’re always on the look out for organisations and resources which offer advice when it comes to empty shop projects – if you think the list below is missing anything, then please just let us know!

The Empty Shops Network

The Empty Shops Network is a brilliant resource for anyone interested in the finding out using empty shops for a range of projects. There is also a collection of resources available to download for free from the website, which give great tips on how to make use of empty spaces.

The Portas Review

In 2011 Mary Portas was commissioned by the government to produce a report on the future of the UK’s high streets – her findings can be seen on her website.

The Guardian Small Business Network

In September 2013 we tok part in a live Q&A discussion on the Guardian Small Business Network site, answering questions on all things related to setting up, managing and marketing a pop-up project! The full discussion, which includes many great answers from other organisations working with pop-ups and empty spaces.

Communities and Local Government

Download the guidance paper for town centres which first laid out the need for meanwhile use. The government has also produced template meanwhile use leases


Our friends over at US-based pop-up marketplace Storefront have produced a wonderful 36 page e-book full of tips and advice for anyone thinking of running their own pop-up project. Best of all? It’s delivered straight to your inbox completely free of charge!

The following organisations are a great resource for anyone looking for alternative pop-up spaces: