Looking for Space?

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Partner with us...

We believe the best outcomes are delivered working with partners, either established organisations or start-ups with radical ideas.  

We also know how hard it is to access affordable buildings for large-scale projects, so talk to us first - we can save you time and money, and might have exactly what you're looking for.  

If you have an experimental or innovative idea and need space - email us at info@3space.org

Some of the areas and opportunities we are currently looking at:

- Manchester city centre, working with a landlord on solution for a double height victorian sub-basement in the city centre 

- Woolwich Town Centre, London - working with a landlord whose ownership includes the entire high street

- Sutton, London - working with partners including the Sutton Council on a 21-hectare site with the opportunity to make use of both land and buildings

- Wood Green, London - working with partners on a urban growing project and activation of a warehouse

- Whitechapel, London - with Fab Labs London we won a tender in April 2016 working with LBTH to deliver workspace and jobs and social outcomes on a former hospital site.  We are currently exploring options with Council for replacement buildings. 

- Retail, making, urban growing and office based use across a range of properties