Consulting & Expert Advice


3Space has provideD advice on...

over 100 under-utilised spaces for partners including Central Government, Local Authorities, Corporates (Barclays, M&S) and Landlords (Grosvenor, Derwent).  It has operated shared workspaces in over 40 buildings, including co-working, makerspaces and artist studios.  In doing so 3Space has created hundreds of local jobs and provided years of community support. 

Working with a network of start-ups, non-profits, accelerators, artists and innovators 3Space specialises in being able to find the right model & partners, matched with the desired strategic outcomes for a particular place. We are able to provide affordable ‘shared workspace in a box’ as well as develop bespoke approaches for interventions which maximise employment outputs, affordability and place based renewal. 

Co-founder Andrew Cribb recently worked with Regeneris Consulting on the Tottenham 639 Centre Forward Strategy - providing advice on operators and strategy.  

Andrew has also given presentations to corporates such as M&S, Intel and Citi Bank on sharing economy and efficient shared use of property assets in cities, as well as speaking at the global sharing economy conference Ouishare Fest.  Andrew is available for speaking and consulting work, please email him at 

The team have capability to provide the following support & advice:

- Place specific recommendations - analysis of an economic cluster and recommend appropriate workspace interventions. Combined with recommendations on town planning and regeneration (Andrew’s background)

- Coordinate, advise-on and curate partners - workshop and recommend suitable partners (operators, innovative or niche users, accelerators, artist collectives, events organisers, university involvement , community champions). Ability to curate their use. 

- Negotiations - with landlords or potential partners

- Feasibility - for example, design a co-working layout with expected demand and revenue. Advice on refurbishment costs, facilities management and models for operation.  

- Operations - operate directly or provide tools/education for local operators. 

- Specialist advice - Meanwhile Use, marketing to hard-to-reach users, corporate and real-estate industry engagement, business rate reliefs, urban growing in workspaces, shared workspace types, community outputs, PropTech, and models for affordability including BuyGiveWork and crowdfunded purchase of real estate.